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Calls Can Be Automatically Directed To Go To Voicemail If Your Phone Is In Use

Voicemail provides you with a digital answering service, which you can access via your telephone or through webPanel. The service can answer your calls when you are on the phone or unable to answer the call.

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You Can Personalise Your Vociemail Greeting Message

For many clients, purchasing a dedicated server is an unnecessary expense. We provide access to our own servers to host your application - either while developing or demonstrating an application for you - or long term for your live application. Our hosted solutions give you the option to try or test a full IVR solution at minimal expense and without committing to your own ISDN lines with the installation and rental costs that would otherwise incur. Hosting also allows call volumes and actual telephone line utilisation for a new service to be monitored before specifying a dedicated server. The Voicemail will playback a pre-recorded sound file to the caller, play a beep, and then send the message to you notifying of new message. Each employee in your organization gets their own mailbox and you can create mailboxes for specific departments or products. Each employee can record their own unavailable greeting. You can further customize your voicemail boxes with custom greetings. Using our web interface you can set each mailbox to use a unique recording rather than a user's personal greeting. This can be particularly useful for general company mailboxes.

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