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Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your business with Zeotel Call Recording. Improve customer service, resolve customer disputes, and enhance your sales training with immediate access to calls received through your Zeotel account.

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Our Inbound Call Recording service can record any or all of your inbound calls so you can play them back and download them at anytime. Some businesses are required by law to record their inbound calls, but the service is also widely used by businesses and organisations of all types and sizes looking to monitor and improve call handling. When your calls come in, your callers will initially hear this: 'Please hold while we connect your call, please note that this call is being recorded for training and monitoring purposes'. The call then carries on as normal, but the whole time both sides of the conversation are being recorded. As soon as you're finished you can login to your account and review and download the call recording through your online webPanel.

Note: Recording calls is legally restricted in certain states, countries and localities around the world. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with any laws that may apply to the use of this feature.

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