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Your phone number is the front door to your business, so why not get one that's more memorable, stands out and says who you are.

A vanity number will not only help your business sound more professional but also look more professional. Vanity numbers are easy to remember so they're great for companies who do business over the phone on a national level or those who spend a lot of money on display advertising, like a billboard. Relying on customers to remember the 10 digit number they just saw on a billboard as they pass on the highway is simply unrealistic.

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World Class Local Numbers

Dedicated Number gives you dedicated phone numbers in different locations of your choice for people to call you on. People can call you directly by dialing a phone number that is dedicated for your use in their own towns and cities. The main difference that sets Zeotel apart from other phone number services is the intelligence it delivers behind its phone numbers. You can control exactly what happens when someone rings a Dedicated Phone Number you have picked. You can use but you do NOT need an Internet phone to receive calls to the Dedicated Number, any phone will do (like landline or mobile phones). In fact, you do not even need to have a phone! An ordinary email box will be enough to receive voice and fax messages from callers dialing into your Dedicated Number.

How To Call Number?

Dedicated Numbers are just like normal telephone numbers, which people can call with any phone. For example, a Zeotel Subscriber has selected the Dedicated Number 30797575 with area code 11, India (the full international format is +91 11 30797575), then anyone worldwide can dial it - just any normal phone number. For the public, there is nothing to learn about using a Dedicated Number. When they are given a Dedicated Number by a Zeotel subscriber, they simply call it with their normal phones to get in contact with the subscriber.

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